School Campaign
In this campaign a selected group of 6 secondary schools will participate. At these schools drama groups will be formed and these groups will, guided by professionals of Maitisong, work on a stage play that address the issues of TVET. At the end the stage play will be showcased at a school event before an audience of peer students, parents and community members. The drama groups and the event must be hosted by the schools itself. The project will provide guidance and materials to promote TVET. Videos of the process and of the event itself will be made by the YAB team.

Community Campaign
This campaign will be fully organized and run by Maitisong. A professional stage play will be made, based on the stories from the 6 selected schools (see school campaign). With a group of professional actors a tour around the country will take place in the second year of the project and 14 places will be visited (schools, community halls or kgotlas) to showcase the play and to set up discussions about the image of TVET. A stand will provide information and testimonies will be recorded. Videos will be made by the YAB team. Maitisong has years of experience in this methodology through a similar programme designed to promote financial literacy among the youth. * YAB is already engaging the corporate world for sponsoring a tour bus, that will be customize for the campaign by the YAB artist.

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