In the second year of the project YAB and Maitisong will organize a TVET festival exhibiting all the collected material, information, stories, videos and stage plays. The best school stage play will be performed and we will invite stakeholders to share their experience of the results of the campaign. The festival will be promoted by Maitisong and YAB and will take at both locations. In May / June 2020 the campaign will have a stand at the Youth Expo, where we will provide necessary information, organize panel discussion and show case the professional stage play about TVET produced by Maitisong.

Campaign success stories/ TVET Champs - A series of posters and videos will be created based on existing TVET workers from the corporate and SMME sectors. We will produce and distribute videos with the TVET industry executives asking them to highlight how important the “blue-collar jobs” are for the success of their company and make compelling stories to be absorbed and appreciated locally and internationally. Each month will have a success story that is documented as a video item, a poster and promoted via all our online marketing platforms.



YouTube video about TVET EXPO linked to the webpage.

The Making TVET Cool Communication Campaign was launched on Friday 29th April 2019 at the Lady Olebile Masire Youth Center in Gaborone Botswana.
This project is funded by the European Union in association with Young Africa Botswana and is aimed at changing the perception of Technical Vocation Education and Training (TVET) in the eyes of Batswana youth,parents, corporate organizations, communities and the country at large.
This video is a short presentation of the launch and important messages from some project partners including His Excellency Mr Jan Sadek Ambassador of the European Union in Botswana.

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