Campaign success stories/ TVET Champs - A series of posters and videos are created based on existing TVET workers from the corporate and SMME sectors. We are producing and distributing videos with the TVET industry executives asking them to highlight how important the “blue-collar jobs” are for the success of their company and make compelling stories to be absorbed and appreciated locally and internationally. Each month there is a success story that is documented as a video item, a poster and promoted via all our online marketing platforms.

Campaign Activities

These are the few of the many TVET graduates who are making a living out of the skill set they acquired from the vocational training. Just to name a few and here they are:



A woman who sews, especially one who earns her living by sewing. A seamstress is a person whose job involves sewing clothing. You could be a seamstress if you hem your own pants, but most seamstresses work in factories sewing garments using sewing machines.
Tshepiso Tsimakanyane, a bubbly and lovely lady soul, is this month's TVET Champ as part of the Making TVET Cool Campaign. We are proud to share the talented and passionate fashion designer's profile, who earns a living by sewing and creating exquisite designs.
Her business, called "The Amazing Park", trades as a Gloss Couture and started operating in 2015 and has been gradually making progress through out the years. The Amazing Park does african attires, school uniforms, corporate attire, custom designs and just about anything that can be sewn.
Ms Tsimakanyane says that for anyone who's interested in joining the TVET(Technical/ Vocational) World, you have to be creative, passionate and willing to make immense sacrifices for your dreams to become a reality

TVET CHAMP - Tshepiso Tsimakanyane.

Seamstress-Gloss Couture business called "The Amazing Park"


Engine Mechanic

Engine mechanic is a broad term for people who assess, maintain and repair engines. This could be in cars and light trucks, small engines like lawnmowers
The Making TVET Cool Campaign is proud to present the first of many TVET Champs to be showcased as part of the campaign. In order to change the perception of TVET, we will showcase a series of prominent Batswana SMME's and Corporates within the realm of TVET that have wholesome and fulfilling careers through TVET.
In this video, Mr TJ Gordon Mahama lets us into how he has successfully ran his Motor Engineering Company. It has been running since 2004 with assistance and support from the government, parents and the country at large. His testimony is a clear example of how TVET has and can affect lives for the better.

TVET CHAMP - Gordon Mahama.

Engine Mechanic-Motor Engineering Company


TVET CHAMP - Geofrey Peit Raleru.

Operations Manager-Skip Hire Company

Geoffrey Piet Raleru is this month's TVET champ and he's story is quite inspiring! He went from being a driver at Skip Hire to holding the Operations Manager position currently. He had no tertiary education but managed to go through several short courses like Industrial Dispute, Occupational Health and safety and Supervisory skills which got him in the position he's in at the moment. TVET is COOL!!! #makingtvetcool #YAB


TVET CHAMP - Swift Mpolokang.

Radio Personality - Gabz FM

Swift Mpolokang who’s currently the chairman and founder of Pula Sports Development Association but also a well known radio personality at Gabz FM is excited to be part of our TVET champs. On the video he shares with us why TVET is essential he mentions that he’s a product of passion and also highlighted that he because he was never great in academics it also drove him to start a profound NGO which uses sports as pull factor to address challenges in underprivileged communities. Pula Sports Development believed in 3 pillars which are community development.empowerment and environmental sustainability ,this initiative did not only build a the first Bontleng Futasal Park upon inception Mr Mpolokang realised just like him some kids have natural talent that are naturally inclined to other things outside the formal education hence it became the driving force for organisation. TVET is COOL!!! #makingtvetcool #YAB

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